What does automation at scale look like?

Larger shares of emerging-economy respondents than developed economy respondents say their home economies have worsened. Is automation improving people’s lives or worsening them?

Is automation the best investment you can make in your business? | RPA Tools

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The CFO Playbook for Technology

Why leading organizations go all in on automation and how to build the business case.

Complete Guide to Modernizing Your Finance Processes by RPA Tools - Issuu

How automation brings efficiency to budgeting, forecasting, and digitizing the finance department.

[Whitepaper] The Switching Economy

Estimating the value potential of the “Switching Economy” with automation, artificial intelligence, and consumer purchasing tendencies.

How can RPA improve your business processes? Here is an example.

What's New in Robotic Process Automation?

AUTOMATION is an effective way to turbocharge executives in most business functions. In most cases, simple automation is also affordable, easy to build, and quick to deploy. In 2020, it will be one of the most important things, bringing in great…

Economic Conditions Snapshot - September 2019 Research Study

Increasingly uneasy views of the global economy and its prospects. Respondents’ perspectives on the current global economy have become more subdued over recent months. Seventy-four percent of respondents say global economic conditions are worse now t…