The Intersection of No Code and Bitcoin

RPA Tools looks to the Blockchain for Funding Future Growth

Digital transformation is of paramount importance as the demand for all businesses to develop an innovative and engaging digital experience for their users have steadily increased.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been a key catalyst in companies’ streamlined adoption of digital strategies and changing the way employees and clients see automation.

Also, RPA Tools is seeking to fund our growth, but we want to start with our community. We are unsure if we want Venture Capital because we believe organic growth through your community is much better for many reasons.

So, to give this a try, we have shared a QR Code, which is our BTC wallet and we will see what happens! No matter what, thank you so much for supporting the mission of helping small and medium-sized businesses become successful.

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Automating The Form to Contract Process with Formstack

Automating The Form to Contract Process with Formstack | Build a free No Code App!

The Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms

The Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms

Enterprise low-code application platforms offer compelling productivity gains for professional and citizen development, as well as speed-of-delivery benefits. We evaluate 18 vendors to help you identify those with a balance of technology and business capabilities suited to your enterprise’s needs.


What's New

Abacus.AI raises another $22M and launches new AI modules

AI startup RealityEngines.AI changed its name to Abacus.AI in July. At the same time, it announced a $13 million Series A round.


Marissa Mayer’s startup launches its first official product, Sunshine Contacts

Former Yahoo CEO and early Google employee Marissa Mayer’s startup Lumi Labs is today rebranding to Sunshine and releasing its first official product. Its new app, Sunshine Contacts, aims to be a better tool for organizing, updating and sharing contact information with others.


Mental health startup Headway nabs $26M backed by Google, Thrive Capital

Startup Headway is trying to address affordability and accessibility issues around mental health care by building the first national network of therapists who accept insurance. The company just scored a $26 million funding round backed by GV and Thrive.


Tools We Love

Get Up to 99% Efficiency in Key Business Processes with Quick Base

Get Up to 99% Efficiency in Key Business Processes with Quick Base

The only platform for citizen development at enterprise scale




Enrich your stories with charts, maps and tables.


Leading the Way with AI

What is Hyperautomation and How Does it Work?

Hyperautomation uses an ecosystem of advanced automation technologies to augment enterprises’ use of human intelligence. The aim is to create increasingly automated business processes so that better-informed and more agile organizations can capitalize on data and insights.


5 Keys to Building an AIOps Powerhouse

Artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) AIOps combines big data and machine learning (ML) algorithms to augment and automate day-to-day IT ops tasks ranging from performance monitoring and reporting to data correlation and analysis.


Everybody Wants Thought Leadership Content. But How Do You Do It, Exactly?

Done right, thought leadership content is the single most brand-differentiating content marketing asset a company can produce. But it takes more than just having an opinion.


RPA Tools is Seeking to Fund our Growth

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RPA Tools is announcing a new integrations platform that is a powerful, hyper-scalable and secure integration platform (iPaaS) for Small and Medium Sized Businesses companies. 

Create integrations with the Flows Editor and power your platform, enable self-service functionality, and centrally manage your automations. We can help too!

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