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Happy Labor Day!

This is a shorter newsletter than usual because of the holiday, however, we didn’t want you to miss all of the great content, new tools, and exciting developments happening in the technology space – specifically – No-Code, The Creator Economy, and Entrepreneurship!

Enjoy the read and check out the tools because they are pretty unique this week! :)


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Stuff We Liked This Week

What Does a Productive Day Look Like?

Rize is an intelligent time tracker that improves your focus and helps you build better work habits.


No-code platform for building community- driven businesses

A radical new way to grow, engage, and monetize your community-driven businesses with your own branded Member App, out-of-the-box Community Experiences, and Recommendation AI. No code required.


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How no-code platforms disrupt the way applications are developed

Given the scenario created by the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations have had to expedite their digital transformation projects faster than anticipated, and with a constraint of resources.

As a result, no-code platforms present an attractive proposition in facilitating quick and cost-effective application development for business enterprises.


How to Go Pro as a Creator

John Gannon from GoingVC shares how he made $1mm in revenue as a creator


The Golden Age of the Matchmaking Industry, Why You should Start a Matchmaking Business Today

The Golden Age of the Matchmaking Industry and Why You should Start a Matchmaking Business Today.



The Metaverse of Snow Crash is not a good analogy for the future, as the Internet breaks down into Stephenson’s dystopia


Former Tesla Head of Automation promises No-Code Platform

Luc Leroy, former head of core automation engineering at the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, has set up a company that is aiming to produce “the first no-code automated manufacturing platform”.


New Research: The Creator Economy Is Driven by the Content Entrepreneur

In new research, content entrepreneurs share who they are, how they grow their content business, what motivates them, and more.


How much have has been invested in the new world of No-Code & Low-Code?

How much have has been invested in the new world of No-Code & Low-Code?

Whaly : data platform for business teams

Whaly is reinventing how business teams work with data through a platform that lets you sync your tools in minutes, answer any business question with data, manage & monitor daily operations and…


Almanac | The fasted doc editor ever built

Free yourself from bad collaboration. Spend time doing, not meeting. Work like the world’s most productive people. Check out all of the amazing templates for free!


Automate business processes through chatbots

Form.one is a fully customizable chatbot that never sleeps. Your virtual employees can offer consultations, arrange meetings, accept payments, and collect and send data securely.


101 Best Web Development Companies and Startups | Featuring RPA Tools

This article showcases our top picks for the best New York City based Web Development companies. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Web Development industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow.


How a writer used no-code tools to launch a paid micro-community | Makerpad

Here’s a story of how a part-time emergency registered nurse and writer used no-code tools to launch a paid micro-community to help keep other writers accountable to consistently show up and create content. With no fancy landing page, and no-code, here’s how Jerine did it!


Google Tables: What are the Top 10 Alternatives? | Stackby

Are you also looking for Google Tables Alternatives. Here, we have compiled a list of the top 10 alternatives in the market. Read to know more!


Rattle - Manage Salesforce directly from Slack

Rattle brings Salesforce to Slack - where your sales and customer success teams live 24/7. Let your teams manage Salesforce, collaborate on deals & get actionable insights - all in Slack!


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