Technology Is Changing Experiences

RPA is changing culture

Technology is not just changing how companies record and measure experiences; it is also transforming the nature of the experience itself.
Technology-driven trends are shaping the experience economy including personal meaning, AI intermediaries, customers as contributors, ‘markets to mobs’ and aligning values.

As such, it’s important for companies to understand what each trend means for businesses and their customers.

The Intelligent Enterprise | Presentation

The next era of enterprise computing will be defined by intelligent technologies. Intelligent technologies will drive a next-generation value economy. Future business challenges will be radically different. Download this FREE presentation!

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The Automation Imperative | Whitepaper

Organizations that are successfully deploying automation technologies should also look to expand the governance of and buy-in on automation. They can benefit from encouraging a truly enterprise-wide program and pursuing more advanced cognitive automation technologies.

Artificial Intelligence in Workforce Management Systems

Artificial Intelligence in Workforce Management Systems Whitepaper. Artificial intelligence (AI) was formally founded as an academic discipline at a conference in 1956, long before workforce management (WFM) systems became a staple in the contact center. In the years since, AI initiatives and enthusiasm have…


The New Economy | Digital Magazine

To find success in a competitive marketplace, businesses must ensure their services exceed expectations. Companies must learn how to align all aspects of the Customer Experience.

People 1st Approach to RPA | A Practitioner's Guide

Successful attended automation depends significantly on winning “Hearts & Minds.” Whilst the quality of the automation software should speak for itself, it is still too important to be left to chance.