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A university is far more than its curricula. People discover what and whom they love, develop the skills and EQ to build a career, and make the most meaningful professional and personal relationships of their lives.

When thinking about the future, it’s easy to extrapolate existing business models onto new technologies, but very hard to predict emergent behavior.

When the internet first came along, we created PDFs of newspapers online and said, “This will change everything!

But it didn’t. That was Twitter — the experimentations of an online community led to the emergence of a new peer-to-peer medium, native to the internet.

Similarly, the first generation of “ed-tech” (MOOCs, etc) failed to live up to the hype. Learning from their shortcomings, On Deck “re-bundles” community with curriculum. We build the tools and culture that makes peer to peer education rewarding and personal.

What emerged is a place for continuing education and socialization for every curious human with an IP address. Stanford University, native to the internet.

On Deck’s Values

The Best of: Blog Posts

How to Go Pro as a Creator

Hi there! Dan here. I think a lot of people on this list either are, or want to be creators on the internet. And there’s a lot to learn about the process of becoming a professional—everything from how to get started, to how to grow something that’s already working.

Series A Investor Memo

An inside look at the memo we used to raise our $20 million Series A round led by Founders Fund. We believe it captured the essence of our vision and what On Deck is working to build, as a snapshot in time January 2021.

Courtesy of: On Deck's Tweet Storm (Click the Diagram!)

Courtesy of: On Deck's Tweet Storm (Click the Diagram!)

It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work

“It’s crazy at work.” How often have you heard that? Or said it yourself? Probably too often. For many, “it’s crazy at work” has become their normal. But why’s that? At the root is an onslaught of physical and virtual real-time distractions slicing work days into a series of fleeting work moments. Tie that together with a trend of over…

The Best of: Meeting Tools of the Week

Do you have a lot of meetings and on the go?

Notiv - The Meeting Recorder With More

Notiv is the meeting solution for professionals. Securely capture your client moments and act on them quickly. Notiv enhances your conversation, be it via phone, computer or in-person.

Make your meetings actionable and smarter. Transform your organization to grow faster.

Avoma is an AI Meeting Assistant that automatically transcribes, summarizes, and analyzes every meeting to provide actionable Conversation Intelligence.

Why am I giving this praise? Because they came out with a mobile app (at least on iOS) that changes the game compared to a lot of other competitors out there. Their iOS app is awesome and I’m probably switching from Grain.

The Best of: Awesome Tools You Need To Try

No-code Development, Business Process Automation - Business Process Management | Kianda

Kianda is a no-code development, business process automation and business process management platform. Easily automate business processes and accelerate digital transformation.

Secoda - Bring clarity to your team's data

All your data knowledge in one place: metadata, data catalog, lineage, analysis, queries, charts, requests & more. Sign up and easily integrate in less than 5 minutes.

Most Interesting Tools of the Week

Big Mail - Upgrade your inbox

This SUPER interesting iOS email app has really been a blast to use so far! It’s so different than any other iOS email app I have found (yes, I have tried everyone of them!). Big Mail is brought to you by The Not So Big Company,

And in other news...!

Codat raises $40M and expands its API infrastructure for SME data

Codat, the technology company that enables small businesses to seamlessly share business and financial data with financial and other service providers secures $40 million from investors, following 3x annual growth and doubling of headcount.

Online Reviews APITrying to access online review data at scale?

Scrape Online Reviews & Ratings Data simply with an API. Platforms supported include Amazon’s Marketplaces, Walmart, eBay, Yelp, and more. Identify consumer and brand insights by scraping online reviews & ratings at scale. Scrape up to 5000 reviews for free.

Automations for Activists: Escape Zapier, Try n8n — Common Knowledge

Organizers need automations, but relying on Zapier can be dangerous for your organization. Here’s an alternative…

The Technologies Helping Businesses Shift From Economic Recovery to Profitability

A recent Gartner survey identified the top three business priorities in 2021 as: growth, workforce and organizational resilience and sustainability, and investment in digital capabilities. All of these priorities are driven from technology enablement. | Innovative Business Rules Management System

Rule engine that lets you create and deploy business rules, while all your rules run in a secure and scalable cloud. Unlike other rule engines, you can create your first rule in 5 minutes and make 100k decisions in a minute via API.

Async OS for working from anywhere |

Friday is an async OS for working from anywhere that perfectly complements workplace chat. See what’s going on at work without another meeting or endless chatter. And they wrote a book!

Tweet of the Week

Outlier Ventures ⛺️⛰


We are looking to support the best founders in #DeFi #NFTs #Web3
Applications for our Polkadot Base Camp program are now open 👇

We provide:
+ 5 month fully remote accelerator program
+ $50k cash💰
+ 🌐 World-class network and proven Polkadot mentors

11:51 AM - 3 Aug 2021

👨‍💻 Hack of the Day

Startup Forms Library | Free Legal

Are you a startup? Is it too expensive to get the “proper” legal work done? Probably. Well, check this website out for free templates that are approved by lawyers and used by other startups all for FREE!

Choose from six categories to download the key legal forms that you will need to start and grow your company.

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