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No-code is giving more people the ability to produce unique workflows to increase their efficiency and do more with less. But, with this movement comes worry. With every technology leap, there’s always a wave of people concerned. Many naysayers are worried that automation will leave people out of work:

“They’re coming for our office jobs!”

If you think no-code is a panacea for all software, you’re coming at it all wrong. Instead, what they can actually can accomplish is far more practical.

In reality, things are not as dire as some may make it seem. The new age of automation will likely open room for more jobs than it diminishes!

“The net is always a plus"

Tool Spotlights: Power Apps, Boon AI, Rows

Announcing new Power Platform capabilities at Microsoft Ignite

Announcing new Power Platform capabilities at Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft Power Platform is an inclusive technology. Its ease-of-use creates a culture of innovation, helping you realize untapped value you couldn’t access before.

Zorroa Boon AI: No-Code Machine Learning Now Open for Media Use

Zorroa unveiled the launch of Boon AI, a machine-learning platform that requires no coding. The no-code ML is now accessible for its specific target, the media-driven groups where the cost of adopting ML is now reduced.

Rows, formerly dashdash, raises $16M to build and populate web apps using only spreadsheet skills

Spreadsheet software — led by products like Microsoft’s Excel, Google’s Sheets and Apple’s Numbers — continues to be one of the most-used categories of business apps, with Excel alone clocking up more than a billion users just on its Android version.

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How to Be a "Maker" --  Even in the Enterprise

No-code platforms could obviate the need for enterprises to rely on packaged apps to solve individual point problems, as they’ll be able to just customize existing tools — transforming the goal of shopping for new solutions from accomplishing individual tasks to augmenting and holistically improving end-to-end processes.

With Power Platform updates, Microsoft doubles down on low-code app development

The low-code software development market is emerging as one of the hottest markets in enterprise technology, and Microsoft Corp. is gunning for a slice of that pie as it rolls out another slew of updates to Power Platform.

No-code and Low-code: Why you should be paying attention

Low-code and No-code platforms have many benefits, but they also present some challenges and involve a learning curve. Many best practices are just emerging and are relatively immature. This is a critical liability. In many ways, low-code/no-code is at its infancy – even though MDD has been around for a long time: especially with BPM platforms.

How No-Code Automation Can Improve Processes on SAP

Low code automation brings all kinds of possibilities for organizations using SAP. Experts have shared 5 ways how no-code platforms can help companies take their ERP systems to the next level.

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Empower everyone to build apps with Power Apps | Microsoft Announcement

Empower everyone to build apps with Power Apps | Microsoft Announcement

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