Maximizing Time, Profitability and Employee Happiness

Roughly 9/10 organizations plan to adopt RPA with the goal of increasing efficiency, and corporate budgets since Fall 2019 have increased to make that possible. Time and people are perhaps the most important cogs in the corporate wheel, and businesses of all sizes, and all budgets, are recognizing the value of investing in time and cost-saving technology that puts their employees in a position to succeed. The collection of case studies by Kofax highlights RPA’s demonstrated ability to reduce data-processing errors, labor costs and employee time. When routine, mundane, short-term processes are automated, teams can be enormously more beneficial and profitable to the organization by focusing on strategic and creative tasks - not to mention that employees who feel useful tend to be more invested, productive and happy. In a Deloitte study, 42% of respondents “who [had] been seeking new employment believe their job [did] not make good use of their skills and abilities.” Indirectly, implementing RPA can affect the culture, and thus employee retention, of the companies who are aware enough to jump on the bandwagon.

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