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5 real world examples of RPA success

5 real world examples of RPA success

Flip through this collection of five case studies to discover how organizations from a variety of industries deployed RPA solutions, introducing automation into their most painful – and repetitive – business processes.


Episode 51: Jason Kingdon, Executive Chairman, Blue Prism

The “new normal” has placed an added importance on digital workers needed to automate mission critical tasks. Payment holiday requests exceeded 2,000 a day and this is all now being handled by the RPA solution developed by Blue Prism for the building society. So, how should companies be managing their customer relations in the face of Covid-19?


Top 10 in Automation on Refind

The best automation articles from this week with an emphasis on “optimizing time”. Understanding the value of speed in today’s world is vital and like mostly everything else in this world, it’s constantly evolving.


Robotic Process Automation: It’s Not the Future

Compared to RPA, Business Process Management (BPM) involves deeper transformative change. RPA Tools are better positioned as a short-term fix while BPM targets longer-term infrastructure changes to business workflows.


Where are the interesting new data center markets in Asia?

The operations at existing data centers is often relatively weak, not helped by serving a mix of internal and external customers. Now with the onset of RPA – automations – the ecosystem is shifting in China.


To Have and Have Not: Pandemic spurs a Split in Tech Spending

As COVID-19 has disrupted so many aspects of everyday life, the spreading pandemic has also created a bifurcated information technology spending climate.


Defense is Embracing Robotic Process Automation But It’s Not Yet Scaling It

Defense agencies deploying robotic process automation are hitting technical and cultural issues as they explore scaling the tools across the enterprise. There are a few agencies that have some pretty robust RPA implementations, but that is very uncommon.

Investing in The Decade of Design

By nurturing a deep set of resources and open design community that keeps building on — not just adding but multiplying existing assets — Figma changes the game. There is nothing more powerful than when you give people the tools and building blocks to do their best, come together, and let them take it from there… anything is possible.


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