Automation at Scale: A No-Code Newsletter

Issue #65

Automation at Scale: A No-Code Newsletter

🔦 Tool Spotlights: BL.INK, Notionery, Plecto

How To Use Links To Grow Social Engagement • BL.INK

How To Use Links To Grow Social Engagement • BL.INK

Discover how you can use BL.INK short links to grow your social media engagement and brand presence by being consistent and memorable.

Mental models made for Notion

A unique collection of mental models made in Notion, by Notionery. Make it easy to apply the models to your day-to-day life.

Business Dashboard Software - Try for free | Plecto

Boost performance with real-time dashboards and motivate your employees to reach new limits

Work it smarter. Sync it better. Ship it faster. Sell it stronger.

Easily migrate your offline business to the online world. Open new sales channels by connecting webshops and marketplaces to your ERP.

📖 Reading List

Why students should learn no-code - The Hindu

Why students should learn no-code - The Hindu

… because it equips students with skills that make them future-ready

Council Post: Empowering The Modern Workforce, No-Code Required

Fostering citizen-led innovation and implementing no-code tools are just some of the ways organizations can survive and, ultimately, thrive.

The 6 best Pomodoro timer apps in 2021 | Zapier

Pomodoro timer apps keep you focused by reminding you to take breaks frequently. Learn more about the Pomodoro technique, and discover the 6 best Pomodoro timer apps.

How opting for White Label Solutions benefits your business: Everything you need to know!

White labeling is getting more and more popular with each passing day because the tech world is developing faster than ten or fifteen years ago. Here is everything that you need to know about white label solutions and the vast range of products by Jungleworks

Agile Talent Strategy: How You Can Develop One - #HR Bartender

Economic recovery requires an agile talent strategy. There are 3 key components to consider when developing your talent strategy.

Software Is Reorganizing the World | WIRED

When cloud formations take physical shape, neither their scale nor duration has an upper bound: We may begin to see cloud towns, then cloud cities, and ultimately cloud countries. At first this sounds rather implausible. Perhaps the internet will spur a wave of internal migrations as online communities begin gathering in person—but could this process really lead to a new city, or country?

👨‍💻 Video of the Day

Top 5 No Code Tools in 2021 |  No Code App Review

Top 5 No Code Tools in 2021 | No Code App Review

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