Automation at Scale: A No-Code Newsletter - Issue #59

Automation at Scale: A No-Code Newsletter

How have small start-up companies turned into multi-billion dollar companies in such a short time?

No-code and low-code tech has been a game changer for entrepreneurs worldwide. It has paved way for business owners to automate processes without spending a fortune or writing a single line of code giving them more time to focus on things that matter.

So, what are you waiting for?

🔦 Tool Spotlights:,, Tines

The 2 Year Journey Of The Startup Transforming Conversations

The 2 Year Journey Of The Startup Transforming Conversations makes communications more flexible and personal, with deep neural networks and human perception AI.

Tines raises $26M Series B for its no-code security automation platform

Tines, a no-code automation platform co-founded by two senior cybersecurity operators, today announced that it has raised a $26 million Series B funding round led by Addition.

Bangalore-based No-code AI Video Communication Platform Raises $300K In Seed Funding, a video communication workflows platform, received a boost in its portfolio with funding of $300K as part of its seed round.

đź“– Reading List

How To Become a No-Code Founder in 8 Weeks

How To Become a No-Code Founder in 8 Weeks

The On Deck No-Code Fellowship (ODNC) is an eight-week program in partnership with Bubble, for passionate builders who want to turn their ideas into reality using no-code tools, surrounded by a community of incredible peers.

Council Post: Why No-Code Tech Is A Game-Changer For Identity-Proofing In The Era Of Digital Transformation

No-code solutions are built to enable businesses to achieve their digitization goals, provide a great customer experience and protect their solutions from fraudsters.

Effective ROI with No-Code Business Workflow Automation | Quixy

No-Code Business workflow automation helps improve process efficiency and provides higher RoI in terms of cost, time, and resources for your business. Read more!

With no-code, digital leaders have strong responsibility to lead their organizations to digital success

Digital-first leaders are always on the lookout for the next big disruptor. It’s time to end the search as a clear winner has emerged: No-Code.

App development platforms needing no code skill on rise

Using no-code platforms can bring down maintenance costs for companies and cut security risks

What to Know About No-code Data Pipelines for Data Warehouse Modernization

No-code or low-code data integration solutions offer many advantages over hand coding data pipelines. Learn more about considerations for choosing a no-code tool.

The Emergence of the No-Code Movement - Influencive

Go back to 1985 when Microsoft released the first Excel version for MacBooks, and 1987, two years later, when Windows got theirs. This is how far back the no-code model goes. However, it was not until

How the no code movement is changing companies

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👨‍💻 Video of the Day

Instant AI Voiceovers using GPT-3 and Resemble AI's Custom AI Voices

Instant AI Voiceovers using GPT-3 and Resemble AI's Custom AI Voices

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