Automating your Digital Transformation

RPA and the Future of Work

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As we continue to move forward in Digital Transformation, an increasing number of companies are discovering the promise of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). In a nutshell, RPA allows companies to gain efficiencies and (hopefully) save money by automating routine tasks.

Robotic Process Automation [Whitepapers]

The Total Cost of Robotic Process Automation

Far from a one-time project, robotic process automation is an ongoing process involving continuous improvement of existing automations, as well as the initiation and development of new automations.

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5 Surprising Ways Intelligent Automation Creates Value for Finance & Accounting

Intelligent Automation Boosts Employee Satisfaction. When time-consuming, repetitive tasks are automated, employees have time for more meaningful work and more time for work-life balance.

The People 1st Approach for RPA - Introducing a New Perspective

The People 1st Approach to Robotic Process Automation is a totally new way to deploy RPA. The power of innovation is firmly in the hands of those who have the knowledge, skills and understanding to select and develop the best tasks and processes to a…

5 Senses of Intelligent Automation

Why humanizing automation is crucial to the transformation of your business.

Digital Transformation [Whitepapers]

Reassessing Digital Transformation - The Culture and Process Change Imperative

Changing a corporate culture is extremely challenging and requires a lot of time and patience. That’s because culture can feel extraordinarily nebulous. It can be slow to change. But it can be changed. By taking some initial steps — getting a handle …

Decoding Digital Transformation in Construction

Few engineering and construction companies have captured the full benefit of digital. Five practices can help E&C companies move beyond isolated pilots and unlock digital’s value across their enterprises.