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Automation at Scale: A No-Code Newsletter

When development on artificial intelligence began in the late 20th century, no one thought it would make the quick jump it made in a few decades. Now, tools powered with no-code now help scale workflows by gathering useful patterns from data, finding successful courses of action, and addressing customer needs and grievances.

The future of no-code and artificial intelligence lives in such system variations as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Expert Systems, Situational and Threat analysis, Pattern Recognition and even more.

Data scientists and tech experts are diligently working on developing the AI and no-code systems to the next level. Whether we like it or not, No-code is shaping its way into our reality and businesses will need an artificial intelligence and logic tools to survive the competition.

At RPA Tools, we offer no-code solutions based on a client’s specific needs, designed by our expert makers with years of experience under their belt.

The Renaissance Of No-Code For Web Designers

The Renaissance Of No-Code For Web Designers

Uri Paz presents some tools that allow non-programmers to create application software through graphical user interfaces and configuration, instead of traditional computer programming.

What's New

Dataform is joining Google Cloud

Over the course of the past several months, our partnership with Google Cloud has deepened and we believe that our new combined efforts can make our customers and partners even more successful.

myInterview raises $5 million for its video-based job recruitment platform

Australia-based myInterview wants to turn videos into an integral part of recruitment, with a platform that allows candidates to upload video responses to questions.

Firebolt raises $37 million to accelerate big data analytics

Firebolt, a startup developing a platform for fast big data analytics, launched with $37 million in funding.

Food for Thought

How Will Artificial Intelligence Change the SEO in the Future?

How Will Artificial Intelligence Change the SEO in the Future?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently the most significant trend in digital marketing services, one that is expected to transform the SEO landscape and it is a future of search engine optimization services.

The Future of Work in Developing Economies

The Future of Work in Developing Economies

Much has been written about the rise of automation in developed countries. Economists have been busily creating models seeking to quantify the likely impact of automation on employment.1 However, far less has been written about the potential effects on work in developing nations. This is surprising, given that automation may be especially troublesome for developing economies.

Tools We Love

Powerful cloud BPM, made agile & friendly

Unlocking your future growth through workflow automation. Low-Code BPM Suite for high-performance teams. Prepare your company for tomorrow.

API Connector for Google Sheets

API Connector enables you to view and manage data from multiple data sources in a single place, without requiring code, copy/pasting by hand, or an expensive data warehouse. Create, save, and run multiple API requests, all in Google Sheets.

Automations and Integrate with No-Code

RPA Tools - No Code Automation for Startups and Small Businesses

RPA Tools - No Code Automation for Startups and Small Businesses

RPA Tools is dedicated to helping automate business processes for startups, small businesses, and medium-sized businesses with no code solutions.

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