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Automation at Scale: A No-Code Newsletter

The opportunity of no-code is to fundamentally shift the paradigm in which IT and business teams operate — turning IT from an internal service provider responsible for creating custom technology solutions into a body capable of empowering business teams to build their own technologies.

With the right strategies, structures, and models no-code and low-code tools will unlock a new era of innovation in the business.

But it will not do so on its own; the technology is not a silver bullet.

To use it effectively, your organization must collectively commit to all aspects of the effort, from research to adoption to embracing a culture of democratized technology development.

RPA Tools

Tool Spotlight: LiveFlow

LiveFlow - One Hub To Automate Your Finances | LiveFlow

Get all your finances in one place - Integrate to your accounting platform, bank, and payment platform - No more hours wasted on manually updating spreadsheets. This is just the beginning.


Pry Financials - Pry Into Your Finances

Control your startup’s financial future. Without spreadsheets. Pry makes it simple for companies to manage their budget, hiring plan, financial models, and cash runway.


The Reading List

Low-code focused OutSystems raises $150M at a $9.5B valuation

This morning OutSystems, a low-code app development service, announced that it has closed $150 million in new capital. The round was led by Abdiel Capital and Tiger Global. Notably this is not the…


Oribi raises $15.5 million to challenge Google Analytics with no-code marketing insights

Oribi, a no-code marketing analytics tool, has raised $15.5 million in a series B round of funding to take on Google Analytics all with no-code. Oribi can also be used to export information it has collected to other marketing tools (e.g. Facebook), customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and email management systems — this is what positions Oribi as a kind of “codeless alternative” to customer data platforms such as Segment.


How no code gave me the confidence to pursue my startup

RankedVote used Webflow to prove its early concepts. It’s gone from minimum viable product to a full web app with thousands of users.


The creator movement is entering primetime, and so is Circle with a fresh $4M

The creator movement has exploded in the last few years as platforms ranging from Substack to Clubhouse have made it easier than ever to reach an audience of willing readers and listeners. Yet the key to building sustainable creator businesses is the economics of these enterprises themselves.


Tweet of the Week

Kenny Mendes


Learn @coda_hq in 10 tweets. You’ll feel like you have superpowers, and your team will thank you. 🧵 👇

Format stolen from @sethkramer and help from @thatdudedenis and the #nocode community! 🙏 https://t.co/R6J7igjEXz

3:46 PM - 22 Feb 2021

More Must Reads...

Is Substack the Media Future We Want?

The newsletter service is a software company that, by mimicking some of the functions of newsrooms, has made itself difficult to categorize.


Runops: one-off scripts as production-ready automations.

Runops is a command-line app that lets you query databases and manage servers using a single tool. It adds Git versioning, reviews in Slack, and sensitive data masking to every command you run from the terminal.


👨‍💻 Videos of the Day

Typedream: No-Code Website Builder with Notion-like Interface

Typedream: No-Code Website Builder with Notion-like Interface

Smartsheet WorkApps | No Code Applications

Smartsheet WorkApps | No Code Applications

Last Article...

No-Code: Defining the Next Generation of Software

No code empowers business users to take over functionality previously exclusive to technical users by abstracting complexity and centering around a visual workflow. This profound generational shift has the power to touch every software market and every user across the enterprise.


Tutorial of the Day: AppSheet

AppSheet Automation: External eventing with Google Sheets

AppSheet Automation: External eventing with Google Sheets

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